How To Get your Google Adsense Account Turned Back On.

So, let me guess... you received a little email from the Google Adsense Team about fradulent clicks... and bla bla bal.. to make a long story short they banned your account. Right? oh and to make matters worse i'm sure they said... uh also we are going to k eep all of the money you have made because we are going to... uh... give it back to uh... uh... give it back to the..... people who paid for those clicks.. yeah.. that's what we are going to do!

Of course the letter was a bit more professional than that.. in fact it was so professional that every thing I have ever read on this subject pointed to one thing... EVERY ONE gets that letter! well not Every one. but its the same letter! then you can appeal your account. and you get another letter... and by the way.. everyone gets the same thing once you appeal. I'm sure it's just some person some place copying and pasting pre written text into an email after they.. psudo read what you had to say. Well, here's the deal. You are here to figure out HOW to get your Adsense Account back on.. reinstated... reactivated.. whatever you want to call it.. you just want to start getting money again. Right? of course. Well here is how it's done!

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We all know how to make money with Google Adsense, but the question is.. what happens when you get hit with the good ol' fraudlent clicks deal and your ads get turned off? First you Appeal.

Step 1. Appeal

Here's the deal. YOU ARE GUILTY! there is no question about it. I know what you are thinking.. " well not really i'm not guilty... or I'm not THAT guilty" that's not how the computer see's it... it's kinda how God views sin... every one wants to say.. well i'm not THAT bad... well in God's Standard.. you are GUILTY... and Google's Standard..... YOU ARE GUILTY!!!! they computer says so... plain and simple..... so you have to write something.. to make the PEOPLE running those computers believe otherwise..

What to put in your appeal to Google:

So... you want to appeal your little problem and now want to know what to put. Here is your answer. BE HONEST! This is what happened to me.

I was enjoying my October day until I opened my email and found a nice letter from google ... banning my Adsense account! I was pissed I had saved about 350 dollars in there and now.. it's gone! So I appealed... the first thing i wrote.. was just a bunch of WHAT HAPPENED.. PLEASE TELL ME PLEASE TELL ME... I DIDN"T CLICK ON MY ADS!!! Which is true. I didn't click on my ads nor did I know HOW it happend.. I was just writing in a Panic. DON'T DO THIS!!! it's just a waste of time. Take some time and think. Where could these click come from. Then explain.

In my case. I had told my Dad all about google and how the ads were great and I get all this money when people click the ads.... bla bla So my dad decided to "Help me out" by clicking on my ads for me. Of course I noticed a spike of money every once in a while. But I just chalked it up to a good day!


Like God, Google will know when you are lying.... unless it's a really good lie.. then of course only God will know. I was going to tell google that it was a competitor clicking on my ads to get even with me or to hinder my money intake. But I had decided to do the RIGHT THING and just tell the truth. So I told them.. and BAM I was back on. Just do a search and you will see... tell the truth to them.. they will understand.


Take your time.. and cool down.. don't spout off at the fingers to Google about how EVIL they are for taking away your lunch money every day. Remember you get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar... or get.. more beez with honey than with..... uh..poop.... er. something like that. I don' t know... just BE NICE.


Appeal Again... and Again... Google will tell you they don't have to read your emails anymore.. but appeal again.. and again.. use words like.. Sorry... and Will you forgive me. Basically stuff you would say to your wife after forgetting her birthday...

The one Secret to getting your Adsense Account Turned Back On is This:
BE HONEST if you are honest the first time around and explain everything and how it won't happen again. You WILL get your account turned back on.

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